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Many people only consider a residence to be as good as the facilities and amenities it provides but fortunately the Sedona Parc residences have the amenities and facilities to match their prime, upmarket location.

The fact that Sedona Parc boasts its own park as one of its amenities does not mean that it does not have the generous amenities that other upmarket residences have, it does. As you would probably expect, the building has split air conditioning in all residential units but the building also has natural ventilation and a rainwater collection system.

Opening up from the Sedona Parc’s designer foyer and for the convenience of its business residents, the development includes a 73sq.m function room capable of catering to 50 people. For those quieter moments there is a 371sq.m roof deck.

Keeping in Shape

With today’s fast lifestyles keeping in shape can be difficult if you have to travel across town to get to a gym but Alveo thought of that and so even if a resident doesn’t like to make use of the pool, they can still keep in shape by making use of the 48sq.m fitness gym located on the development. Alternatively, if jogging is more suitable, take a jog on the development’s own jogging track. For those residents that prefer a less physical experience, a 61sq.m intimate, private lounge is also part of the complex.

Safety and Security

Whenever anyone thinks of their home, they immediately think of safety and security and so the developers have ensured that Sedona Parc residents can also think of their homes as being safe and secure. The developers have achieved this by providing 24 hour security, ensuring the security and privacy of the building’s residence. For safety there are sprinkler systems plus smoke detectors throughout the facility. To ensure everything remains in full working order, all maintenance is over seen by the trusted Ayala Property Management Corporation.


For ease of mobility in and outside of the building there is the podium parking facility for transport needs outside and for ease of movement inside the building there are two elevators available for residents to use.


The inclusion of the 3000sq.m park right outside the building means that residents can even capture the fresh air and sun without straying far from home.

Complete Package

In short, Sedona Parc offers residents more than just a home; they get the complete package of an up market lifestyle which includes facilities for business, rest, recreation and even exercise. The fact that all of these things are convenient located within or just outside one building complex means they can find time for more things in their busy work schedules. In these times of competitive business practices many people find that in order to get and stay on top of their jobs, they have to put in an ever increasing number of hours, allowing little time for commuting or travelling between social engagements and so having everything you need, on your doorstep, makes for a less stressful existence and can even allow a spell of more relaxing activities to rejuvenate the body and mind.

  • 5 Podium Parking Levels.
  • 2 Passenger Elevators.
  • Automatic Sprinkler and Smoke Detection Systems.
  • Water Reservoir and Separate Fire Reserves.
  • Rainwater Collection System.
  • Natural Ventilation.
  • Sanitary Disposal System - Refuse Rooms.
  • Maintenance by Ayala Property Management Corporation
  • 24-hour Security
  • Designer Lobby.
  • Private Lounge - 61 sq.m. nook for intimate gatherings.
  • Fitness Gym - 48 sq.m..
  • Function Room - 73 sq.m. - opening up to pool area.
  • Swimming Pool - 3 lanes and 20 metersin length.
  • Roof Deck - 371 sq.m.
  • Park - n extension of the building's amenities.
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